Is your new-car fever boiling over?

A foot on the gas pedal — the pressure you apply coincides with your adrenaline, climbing higher with each passing mile per hour. Your hand grips the steering wheel, you glance at yourself in the rearview mirror, and you smile: there is no greater rush than a new automobile.

Steel muscles and a growling heartbeat — motor transportation has been a part of the American Dream since the dream was conceived. With a low-rate auto loan from Arsenal Credit Union, you can drive your next car from the confines of the mental showroom to your driveway.

Our rates continue to be among the lowest you will find anywhere; even better, they apply to new and used vehicles (2008-15) at terms up to 72 months, which makes your monthly payments more affordable. And unlike many other lenders, we don’t charge application fees, which translate into additional savings for you. As an added bonus, you have the opportunity to get back the last year of interest you pay when your auto loan is through us. Try finding any other financial institution that offers that special perk!

Get preapproved

Before you visit the dealership, ensure you have maximum negotiating power by getting preapproved for an auto loan with us; apply at any of our branches, online, or via phone, whichever is most convenient for you. Leave the financing to your credit union while you focus on other important things, like deciding which new vehicle suits you best.

Visited your dealer already?

Maybe we weren’t your first stop. That’s okay. You can still get an auto loan through Arsenal at your place of purchase; just be sure to identify yourself as an Arsenal member, and insist on having your loan through us. Everything will be taken care of at the dealership — from applying for an auto loan with us to closing on it, all while you’re there!