When 0% financing isn’t the cheapest option…

Did you know that it could be significantly cheaper to get a low-cost auto loan from Arsenal with a rebate incentive instead of choosing an interest-free loan from your dealer? Here are some important facts to know before you sign for your next automobile:

  • Arsenal provides an online calculator that helps you crunch the numbers and see where your money is going in all financing situations.
  • No-interest loans tend to be available only with shorter-term loans, such as three years, which makes a car buyer’s monthly payment high and possibly unmanageable.
  • Zero-percent offers are usually available only on specific models and apply to new vehicles rather than used.
  • Less than 10% of consumers even qualify for no-interest offers.
  • Opting for an Arsenal loan with a rebate reduces the purchase price of the vehicle, which means less tax to pay.

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