System Upgrade Completed

We completed our core data processing conversion ahead of schedule on Monday and quickly resolved some online banking issues that initially surfaced (cross-account transfers, money market account transfers, and credit card information) by noon yesterday. All is good again!

The system upgrade has led to some online banking enhancements, in particular a feature that will help you with balancing your checking account. If you have an Arsenal Visa debit card and run your transactions as a credit (i.e., you use your signature rather than your PIN at the point-of-sale), you will now be able to see these listed as “pending” within your online account before they post. Your monthly statements will also feature a modern, simplified layout for easier reading and organization.

As you continue to use your Arsenal accounts, please keep the following in mind:

Upon logging into online banking and/or mobile banking for the first time after the upgrade, you will NOT have to re-establish your password or re-enroll in Arsenal’s bill pay service or eStatements, if you were already utilizing these. You will, however, need to re-register for any related online services you may have been using, such as Popmoneyelectronic funds transfers, scheduled reoccurring transfers, and/or email & text alerts/notifications, for all applicable account(s).

Remember that transaction history occurring before the upgrade is no longer available via online/mobile banking; only transactions occurring after Aug. 3 will be viewable. (If you receive eStatements, you can still access them, up to the last 12 months, depending on when enrolled in eStatements.)

All checks you’ve written on your Arsenal account that have been cleared prior to the conversion will not be available for online viewing, but those cleared after the conversion will be.

Thank you for your continued trust in Arsenal Credit Union.