Feeling “loanly” this holiday season?

Pile of PresentsChilly air, warm drinks and the multi-colored tapestry of leaves that float gently to the ground – the colder seasons are nearly here, which means the hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. That also means there will be celebrations, paper-wrapped presents, extended winter breaks and an abundance of time spent with loved ones – the makings of a mean sucker-punch to your credit union accounts.

Before you find yourself begging your wallet for one more dollar while you deliver CPR to its leather-bound chest, take advantage of Arsenal’s unique resources designed to help you endure another round of holiday hysteria. Arsenal’s special holiday loan gives you power over your debt.

Roll your holiday bills, all the way up to $5,000, into one that’s more manageable and gives you 12 months to pay off. This ensures that all of your holiday debt is conquered before the next holiday season rolls around. And at an annual percentage rate as low as 7.75%*, which is potentially much lower than what you pay on any credit card in your wallet, you need not dread the spending that is to come. Relax your budget this winter, and let a low-rate holiday loan from Arsenal take the brunt of your holiday shopping.

To get started, stop by your nearest Arsenal branch, call us at 314.962.6363 or apply online at ArsenalCU.org (click on “Online Applications” at the top of our homepage, then “Loan Application”).


*Rate is based on member creditworthiness. Offer available through January 31, 2016.