You’re saving more than a Benjamin by having a checking account with Arsenal.

Only 37% of banks today offer free checking with no strings attached, according to Bankrate’s most recent survey of 10 banks and thrifts in each of 25 large U.S. markets. This represents the lowest percentage in the 12 years that Bankrate has been studying check fees.
A truly free checking account does not charge a monthly fee, regardless of your balance or whether you have direct deposit established.
Arsenal Credit Union has been offering totally free checking since 1994! By contrast, a majority of banks require a minimum balance to be met (typically $500-$1,000) or regular direct deposits to be made in order for account holders to avoid paying a monthly service fee ($12 is most common) on noninterest-bearing accounts.
On top of saving you $144 in monthly service charges annually, your credit union also saves you money on ATM charges and overdraft fees.
With a Visa® debit card or ATM card issued by your credit union, you can use it at nearly 30,000 ATMs throughout the country without ever incurring a fee; if you end up using an ATM not in the CO-OP Network, we charge just $1 for each such transaction compared to an average of $1.64 that banks charge their customers for using an out-of-network ATM. (Speaking of debit cards, we continue to offer rewards for usage, while many banks dropped their programs a few years ago.)
The most common overdraft fee at banks is $35 and climbing, compared to $28 at your credit union.
As you can see and might not have realized, your checking account at Arsenal is quite a deal!