Your finances deserve some relief from the holidays

Tired Budget

Meet your finances. Yep, that’s him over there, eyes transfixed on you. He’s wearing a Santa hat because he usually does whatever you tell him to do; ’tis the season, after all. Never mind the boxing gloves; he’s just been fighting to save you some money during the holiday turmoil. That’s why your finances exist, right? To monitor your spending every second of every day?

Not always!

The truth is: sometimes your finances can feel a bit overwhelmed. Between the holiday parties, never-ending shopping sprees and buying enough cookie supplies to open up a bakery, your finances are occasionally downright exhausted! That’s why he’s looking at you like that. Yes, you.
When you think about it, your finances are pretty awesome. He works hard to make sure you can afford the things you want while still paying for the things you need. But after working so hard to save you money all year long, when does he have time to relax?
Send your finances on vacation!
Yes, vacation! Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to afford the holiday goodies you desire. With a Holiday Loan* from Arsenal, we take the pressure off of your finances by rolling all of your holiday debt into one simple bill. With a 12-month term and low rates, you’ll have ample time to prep your finances for when he returns, rested and rejuvenated.

We expect a yearly vacation. Don’t your finances deserve one, too? Book your ticket to financial revival today at!


1Available through January 31, 2016. Annual percentage rates as low as 7.75%, based on member creditworthiness.