Volunteer elections this Spring

Volunteer elections this Spring: Three incumbents and two newcomers have been recommended by the credit union’s nominating committee and approved by the board of directors for this year’s elections, which will be held April 28 during the annual membership meeting in Arnold. Those scheduled to serve another term on the board are Randy Pratt, Peggy Haberberger and Keith Emery. On the supervisory committee, Lisa Stuart and Bradley Solomon are seeking their first elected term in office; both have been appointed to the supervisory committee until the April elections are held, as there are currently two vacancies on the committee. There is now a third open position on the supervisory committee. The deadline to apply for the latter is February 26. Any member age 18+ in good standing who would like to run for office and is not listed on the aforementioned slate of candidates may do so through a formal petition process; he/she must collect the signatures of ½ of 1% of all primary members, which equates to 130 as of year-end 2015.

Contact Heather Reed at 314.919.1002 for the official petition form and procedures.