St. Louis Auto Show 2016

Stop. Do you feel that? It’s your heartbeat.

Auto Show 2Your heart is a pretty reliable piece of you, pumping an average 115,200 times every day to keep you alive. Sure, the job has its ups and downs, but it’s a necessary task. And your heart keeps you alive so well!

So how about you reward it for a job well done? Treat your heart to a bit of excitement at the annual St. Louis Auto Show, held at America’s Center in downtown St. Louis from January 28-31. Home to the largest automotive event in fair St. Louis, your heart will race among 500+ new cars, trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicles from more than 25 world-renown automobile manufacturers. Your chest will burst in a car enthusiast’s paradise!

And then it hits.

Your heart stops…but just for a moment. You lock eyes with “the one” – the vehicle you’ve been chasing for awhile, and now it’s here. Your heart patters, guiding you toward a serendipitous rendezvous. You’re captivated by the car’s sharp lines and aromatic interior. You run your fingertips across its fiberglass flank, the clear coat smoother than glass. You almost hear its engine growl to life as you reach inside to caress the leather-wrapped steering wheel. Your heart knocks against your ribs, begging for a chance to escort you and your new friend to the open road.

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To keep up with all the excitement, head over to the St. Louis Auto Show’s official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. And don’t forget to post your own photos, comments and reactions using #STLAutoShow.

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