Pay your monthly bills without all the hassle of snail mail

Online Bill Pay Q1 Email GraphicLike death and taxes, bills are also an inevitable part of life. We all accumulate them each month, and they all must be paid in order to keep the products and services in our lives in good standing.

Necessarily annoying, right?

Even worse, the experience can often feel disjointed ─ utilities, mortgage, auto loans, credit statements, etc. ─ your creditors are spread throughout the country, leaving you with no other option but to write and stamp and mail stacks of checks each month.

If only there was a way to bring it all together! There is, dear member.

Truth #1: Paying your bills by check is an outdated idea. With the modern marvels of technology, there truly is a better (i.e. easier) way.

Arsenal Credit Union’s online bill pay service is baked directly into the first page of your online banking profile. That means after you sign up, online bill pay is easily accessible from the moment you log into your ACU account. Simple!

Truth #2: Using online bill pay will save you time, money, and it has even been known to preserve portions of your sanity for longer periods of time.

Who doesn’t like more time, more money and bountiful heaps of sanity? With online bill pay, you will no longer have to contend with paper statements, written checks, inky hands, sticky stamps or snail mail.

Truth #3: It’s FREE to use!

Remember that part about online bill pay being baked into your Arsenal online banking account? Yep, that’s all it takes to wield the most powerful bill-paying tool you’ll ever need.

To get started, follow the quick and easy steps outlined here. Then enjoy simplified bill-paying bliss, brought to you by Arsenal Credit Union.