Rates slashed on your Visa credit card from Arsenal!

Credit Card Promotion Web TileYour Arsenal Credit Union Visa® credit card is already a powerful buying tool. With competitive rates, a generous grace period and rewards program, no monthly or annual fees, no transaction fees for purchases and no minimum finance charges, it’s already one of the most fair and ethical credit card options on the market.

Today, we’re making it even better. The annual percentage rate on your card* is being significantly reduced from 9.90%, 11.90% or 13.90% to either 2.49% or 5.49%, depending on your creditworthiness. This refreshed rate is valid on all new purchases, balance transfers and cash advances made now through the end of this year.

Making this deal even sweeter, you will have until Dec. 26, 2017, to pay off your balance tied to the promotional rate! On January 1, 2018, any remaining balance affected by this reduced rate will return to your standard annual percentage rate.


The importance of our promotional rate

Having a card that works in your favor means less stress on your wallet. For instance:

Whenever and wherever you go shopping this year, reach for your Arsenal Visa credit card rather than a store-issued card or one from another lender; this will help you manage your debt without the inflated rate the aforementioned may charge, resulting in big savings for you.

If you’re going on vacation, use your credit card from Arsenal to book your hotel, rental car and airfare. Take advantage of the travel reservation service, as well as travel and emergency assistance built directly into your Arsenal card.

If you need quick access to cash, use your credit card at an ATM or come into a branch for a cash advance. We don’t charge fees for cash advances like other lenders do.

Do you have balances greater than $100 on other credit cards that charge higher rates? Save yourself money by moving those balances to your Arsenal Visa credit card. We make it easy! Simply call, stop in or use this form, and let us do the work for you. Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge balance transfer fees.


*Excludes secured cards, as well as unsecured cards that have higher standard rates due to the applicant’s creditworthiness