Fix your home without breaking your budget

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If your house is telling you it’s time to fix a few things, you’ll love the sound of a home equity loan from Arsenal Credit Union.

From lump-sum loans to lines of credit for when your finances could use a quick boost, we offer the cash you need with a low interest rate and flexible terms, plus the ability to save you as much as $700 upfront. It’s everything you need to quickly turn “argh!” into “ahhh!” – the peace that comes with finishing projects without breaking your budget.

If your home is already in tip-top shape and doesn’t need to be remodeled, redecorated or refurnished, that’s terrific; there are other things you can do with a home equity loan, such as fund a vacation, pay college tuition, consolidate debt, etc. Whatever you need, Arsenal and the power of your home can help.

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