Get paid when your friends and family join Arsenal

Refer Others and Get PaidSo you want to earn money* through Arsenal’s member referral program, but you’re not sure what to do next.

Getting started is easy! But first, in order to participate, you must complete the following steps which enable us to track referrals most effectively:

  1. Register for the program by clicking here and selecting “Refer Now!” in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Enter your name, email address and whatever password you want, check both blank boxes, and then click “Join!” to complete registration. A new screen will appear for sending referrals via email and social media channels.
  3. Send referrals via email one of two ways: Either click “Type their email” and enter individual names and their respective email address, then “Send,” or locate your unique “Referral Link” on the screen and copy and paste it in an email or text message. Other ways to use your unique referral link: post it on Facebook, send a Facebook message, tweet it out, or refer on LinkedIn or Google+. Since this URL is linked directly to your member referral profile, anyone who joins Arsenal by clicking on your URL will be accredited to you.
  4. When your referred friend or family member receives your referral via email, text or social media, he/she must claim the offer and sign up by following the prompts and then opening an account. You will receive an email confirmation if your referral qualifies.

And that’s it! Follow these steps and both you and the new member will get rewarded with money. Referrals done verbally instead of through this process will not receive any financial incentives.

You only need to sign up once for the program to start making referrals; after that, simply navigate back to the referral page, click “Log in” at the top right and enter your password.

Start referring today!


*Referrers will earn up to $50 for every new member who joins Arsenal based on their referral through this program, depending on what account relationships the new member establishes. A total of $500 in rewards can be earned per calendar year for successful referrals. Program subject to official rules and terms and conditions.