Your student could earn money for good grades

Tracker Pawprint.pngThe last recess has been taken. The final bell has rung. The books have been closed, and all that stands between your child and summer is freedom.

School is officially out!

To celebrate the end of another year gone by, your Tracker Kid can exchange some good grades for a direct deposit reward throughout the month of June.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade will earn $1 for each ‘A’ (or equivalent) in the first and last semesters in English, math, science and social studies. Each eligible student may also receive an additional $1 per semester for an ‘A’ (or equivalent) in an extracurricular subject: a total of $10 your Tracker Kid can earn in a year, just for doing well in school! All rewards will be deposited by July 15.

To take advantage of this reward, bring your child with his/her most recent report card to your nearest branch, or email a copy of the report card to Jenny Remes at today! The deadline is Thursday, June 30.