Shred it or regret it!

Most of us have no-longer-needed documents containing confidential information stuffed into a filing cabinet or storage boxes and containers at home, not to mention a stack of receipts, credit card offers, outdated coupons and magazines that sits and grows and seemingly takes over the zone it began in. Its sheer mass is daunting. What can you possibly do with it all?

Arsenal Credit Union has a no-cost solution for you!

This month, your credit union is hosting FREE paper shredding events in collaboration with American Document Destruction, a local business that is AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction.

As the leading paper annihilation service in St. Louis, American Document Destruction ensures that sensitive documents like old paper statements and tax returns, paid utility bills, etc., are finely shredded onsite and recycled offsite, giving you peace of mind knowing your information is disposed of in a secure, environmentally friendly way. If you’re unsure about what to keep and what to throw away, here’s some help.

For the event date and time nearest you, please see the information below:

NOTE: Electronic items will not be accepted for recycling and disposal at these events.