Arsenal now offers a program for first-time borrowers

If you have never borrowed money before and want to buy yourThinking about a new car first car, or you need a little extra cash but have no credit, no worries. Turn to your credit union!

You can get the cash you need – without a co-signer* – and establish credit with our special loan program for first-time borrowers. It’s designed to offer attractive options and lower rates than programs offered by other lenders. An educational component, as well as free counseling, is built into this unique program.

With our auto loan product, you can borrow up to $12,000 at terms up to 60 months with no down payment required. If you need a loan for something else, our signature/personal loan product enables you to borrow up to $2,500 at terms up to 36 months.

To be eligible, you must have had no previous credit* and no derogatory credit. Nontraditional underwriting factors are used. Contact the credit union for complete details.

To apply, visit any of our branches, complete an online application, or call 314.962.6363 or 618.239.6363, option 6 then 3.


*If you are age 16 or 17, you must have a co-signer of legal age for contract enforceability, but you may still be eligible for the special rate. Your co-signer must be fully qualified for credit to be eligible.

**One exception: if you have a credit score that consists of student loans only, you may still qualify for our first-time borrower program.