Fees you won’t find at Arsenal

There are many types of fees that our competitors charge that we don’t. To name just a few:

Wasting money

Are you wasting money at other financial institutions?

  • $4-$5 monthly fee for not maintaining a minimum balance in your savings account
  • $10 monthly fee if a money market account balance falls below the minimum requirement
  • Up to a $125 application fee for a loan
  • Up to $700 in closing costs on home equity loans and lines of credit
  • $5.95 inactive bill pay charge if the service isn’t used during the month
  • $5 monthly fee for non-verification of your address
  • $35 for each checking item overdrawn, plus another $35 if the account stays overdrawn for five consecutive days
  • 3 percent or higher of the total amount being transferred to your credit card
  • Higher rates for getting a cash advance with your credit card vs. making a purchase with it