Call for Petitions


Unless there are other members of the credit union who want to have their name added to the official ballot, Gary Dierks, Bob Killion and Adam Thurau will be re-elected to three-year terms on the board of directors at this year’s annual meeting in April. Peter Sullivan and Ron Keefe have clear paths to serving on the supervisory committee as elected officials, for one-year and three-year terms, respectively, this April. All of these positions are non-paid.

Any primary member age 18 and older who is in good standing and interested in competing for one of these volunteer positions needs to collect signatures from one-half of one percent of total membership. This equates to 125 signatures, based on the membership figure at month-end November 2016. The deadline is Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. Contact Heather Reed at 314.919.1002 for the official petition form and procedures.

Sullivan was appointed last November to serve on the supervisory committee until this year’s upcoming elections by Committee Chairman Lisa Stuart after an opening occurred with Brad Solomon resigning from his position. Keefe was appointed to serve as an associate supervisory committee member, starting this month, and will succeed Gerard Avellone when his term expires this April.

In other related news, LaVell Thompson was appointed to serve as an associate board member, effective this month, by the board of directors.