‘Tis the season for Visa® gift cards

Picking out the right gifts for friends and family can be exhausting. Instead of guessing what everyone on your list wants, surprise them with a prepaid Visa® gift card. snipimage

Gift cards have fun designs and are the same size as normal credit and debit cards, which allows Santa to carry them down the chimney and place them in stockings with ease. You can carry the cards with you in your wallet to spend them anywhere you want, including gas stations, restaurants, stores and other vendors. Giving gift cards also lets your friends and family shop with online retailers who accept Visa as a payment option, letting them get what they want while they wear pajamas.

Not only are gift cards great for letting friends and family get exactly what they want, they are also perfect for making electronic payments to subscription services, including:
• Netflix
• Hulu
• Spotify
• Amazon Instant and Prime
• Apple Music
• Sling

Another benefit of giving Visa gift cards is avoiding the stress of big box retailers and the mall during the busiest time of the shopping year. Imagine not having to wait in line to check out or having to pick through the remains of items after everyone has already gotten what they want. Gift cards are also more reliable than doing all of your shopping online, which runs the risk of having your items arrive well after your family’s celebration.

Stop by any Arsenal branch to take care of your normal transactions, and then pick up your gift cards in a single trip. The cards are as good as cash after you head home.

Issue fee for each gift card is $3.