Maximize your 2016 tax refund with TurboTax

As a credit union, it is always our goal to give back to you, our members. When tax season comes around, we realize that things tend to get complicated rather quickly, especially if you have a stack of documents and receipts you don’t know what to do with. Make your tax season less hectic and stressful by preparing your 2016 taxes with TurboTax.

With the TurboTax Federal Free Edition, it costs $0 to file simple federal and state taxes. For more complicated returns, TurboTax charges nominal fees. To get started, simply click the banner on or when prompted to while using online banking.

Some of the advantages of using TurboTax to file your returns include:

  • A guaranteed maximum refund: If you are self-employed or run a small business, finding the right deductions can be a strain. TurboTax takes you step-by-step through each deduction item to make sure you get the most back. If you have a W2 from an employer, TurboTax does all of the calculations to get you the most money. All of this is guaranteed, or you get your money back.
  • No tax knowledge necessary: You do not have to be an accountant to use the TurboTax software. Several prompts ask you simple questions about your life before you fill out anything. This translates into the correct forms being completed without any second guessing. In fact, TurboTax uses CompleteCheck™ before you file to make sure nothing gets missed.
  • Personalized help: Although TurboTax is intuitive, you may still have questions on how to use it. The software offers both step-by-step guidance and 24/7 help from Intuit.

Using TurboTax allows you to complete your taxes on your own time instead of scheduling appointments with tax preparation services. You can take your refund and spend it however you deem fit. We recommend taking the money and putting it into one of our savings accounts. Also, when you file with TurboTax, you enter yourself into a sweepstakes to win $25,000 if you file before February 16.

Instead of trying to figure out complicated tax forms on your own, make tax-filing season simple with TurboTax from