New Service! Set travel notifications for your Arsenal Visa debit/credit cards within online banking

Are you going to be traveling on business or visiting family out of state? Are you about to embark on an epic trip across Europe or the Australian Outback? Are you just driving up to Chicago for a weekend to see the Cards beat the Cubs at Wrigley Field?

No matter your travel plans, you’ll need your Arsenal Visa® debit or credit card for purchasing supplies, dining out and buying souvenirs. Before you head out, make sure to log into your online banking account to use our new online travel notification service.

To access the service, hover over the Secure Forms tab in online banking, and then click on Travel Notification for Debit and Credit Cards. Fill out the form, making sure to include important info such as your card number, who will be using the card and the places you are traveling.

If any unusual or fraudulent activity is suspected, Arsenal will prevent transactions to keep your funds safe. This can be frustrating if you are driving through America and need to fill up your tank or if you’re at a café in Paris and need to pay the bill. By filling out a travel notification, access to your funds remains open as you explore your destinations.

You can also notify Arsenal in person when you travel by calling us during normal business hours at 1.800.719.6363, option 6 then 1. Also, feel free to stop by any Arsenal branch for an in-person notification.

While your Arsenal Visa debit and credit cards work around the world, we also offer another solution for traveling in the form of a Visa TravelMoney prepaid card. Cards are issued on-the-spot at Arsenal branches, and you can reload as many times as you want at a branch or at The card costs $6.95 for member; however, if you have an Advantage Plus checking account, there’s no cost to issue you a card, as this is one of the benefits for this particular checking account.