Have you downloaded the Arsenal app yet?

With Arsenal Credit Union, financial needs are not limited to how close you are to a branch. The mobile app allows you to bank anywhere with Wi-Fi or a data connection, and it is completely free. 

To install the app, visit your mobile device’s app marketplace, install the app, and then log in using online banking credentials. From there, choose to login with your username and password or with your fingerprint using Touch ID.

Not only does the app allow you to check account balances, but you can also make transfers to different accounts, send money to people with Popmoney, set alerts for debit cards and pay bills. The app also enables you to make mobile check deposits whenever, wherever.

Still waiting to download the app? Here is what some members have to say about it:

  • Christine B. (April 26, 2017): “So convenient, always adding great features.”
  • Katherine M. (Jan. 24, 2017): “Great app. I can do just about everything I need to do on the go and haven’t had an issue yet. Really like it and use it often.”
  • Kevin S. (Dec. 19, 2016): “Love the check deposit feature! …It came in very handy when laptop failed and needed to pay some bills.”
  • Thomas S. (Nov. 27, 2016): “Great app. Easy to use, has everything needed out of an app.”
  • Sami D. (Nov. 14, 2016): Love this app! Helps me manage my money way better!! Love the new deposit feature on the app!”
  • Nick B. (Nov. 11, 2016): “Easy to use. Solid program. Ability to get a snapshot of your account without logging in is extremely useful.”
  • Michael L. (Nov. 10, 2016): “Love this app. Allows me to conduct banking business at home or while I’m out on the road. Thank you…”
  • MLMAKM29791997 (undated): “Love it! Arsenal CU does a good job of continually adding new features. Love being able to have all the bells and whistles that big banks have on their apps while still supporting a local financial institution.”