Home equity loans and lines of credit let homes bloom in the spring

In the springtime, everything comes out of a long, dormant slumber and back into full luster. While the trees, grass and flowers all start to blossom and grow naturally, getting a home to flourish takes a bit more work and money. Fortunately, Arsenal Credit Union has home equity loans and lines of credit that bring homes out of hibernation and back to life.

Home equity loans

Members can borrow up to 100 percent of the equity in their home to pay for major outdoor projects, such as new pools and decks, perfect for a summer full of grilling, lounging and splashing. Home equity loans are also well-suited for major indoor renovations and updates on bathrooms, basements and kitchens.

Home equity lines of credit

A home equity line of credit not only gives members the funds to tackle a big project, it also lets them take out funds when necessary for repairs and unexpected emergencies. For example, a $15,000 loan can cover a new $10,000 deck overlooking an inground pool before summer starts, while the money left over can cover a broken pool filter in the middle of July or an untimely termite infestation.

Go Green loans

While the warmer weather requires a new wardrobe to keep cool, a home’s appliances, doors, windows, siding and roofing also need upgrades to keep the energy bills low. For energy-efficient upgrades, repairs and renovations, Arsenal offers Go Green loans. These unique loans allow members to update their out-of-date home necessities for more sustainable ones, all without an appraisal.

Not only do upgrades and renovations from these loans make homes more livable, they also increase value when it comes time to sell. In fact, practical repairs like new siding, roofs and insulation upgrades fetch the most at resale.

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