Reduce fraud with debit card alerts and credit card alerts/controls

Setting up alerts and controls on debit and credit cards can reduce fraud by up to 40 percent, according to As more Americans take proactive steps to ensure the safety of their accounts, Arsenal makes it easy to set up these alerts and controls from or the Arsenal mobile app.

After setting up alerts, members choose to receive email or text notifications about specific transactions. Members can set up alerts for when someone pays at the pump, makes an online purchase or tries to get cash back. Fraud is easy to detect with alerts for when someone tries to make a purchase outside of a designated time or from an out-of-state locations.

Credit cardholders have even more command of their accounts with the ability to set up controls. This allows members to lock their cards when they lose or misplace them or set up a time range during the day when purchases are allowed. Members can even control how much can be spent by setting up a transaction limit.

Click here to set up alerts for debit cards. Click here to set up alerts/controls for credit cards.

To set up alerts and controls from mobile banking, open the Arsenal app, click on the More tab at the bottom, and then choose one of the alerts and controls options.