Share the benefits and reap the rewards; try the member referral program today!

You already know that your Arsenal membership is loaded with benefits. Now is your chance to tell everyone you know about these benefits, and reel in some cash, with our web-based member referral program.

You can earn up to $50* for each person age 18+ whom you refer to Arsenal via email and social media when that person becomes a member and adds a checking account with a debit card or gets a loan of any kind following the process detailed below. The new member also receives the same financial incentive! If the person you refer simply opens a savings account, you each receive $25.

With our minimum balance requirement on savings accounts being lowered from $25 to $5 on April 1, it’s now easier than ever to become a member of Arsenal!

Using the member referral program is as easy as clicking this link. Click on the Refer Now! button, and then enter your name, email address and a password. From there, email, send social media invites or text with your unique referral code so the people you know can sign up. You must use this automated method before the account is opened to receive rewards.

Once your invitees receive a referral, they have 14 days to claim it and register at the referral site. The invitee must then finalize his or her Arsenal Credit Union membership at a branch, and then log back into the Refer a Friend Program to provide a date of birth within 30 days of claiming the offer. If membership is finalized within 30 days, you both see green!

Simply telling others in person will not lead to any incentives paid, as all referrals are tracked only through this process.

Not only does this referral program provide monetary benefits, it also introduces more people to the world of credit unions. If the person you refer to Arsenal has been a customer of a larger bank for a long time, he or she may want to know some interesting facts from the Credit Union National Association:

  • 76 percent of credit unions (including Arsenal) offer free checking accounts with no strings attached.
  • Consumers trust credit unions twice as much as banks.
  • 89 percent of credit union members favor credit unions over banks.
  • Credit unions are No. 1 in customers satisfaction.
  • America’s credit unions are owned by 100 million consumer members

Tell others about the great service, better loan and deposit rates and other perks you receive as a member of Arsenal so they can enjoy the same benefits. Our financial products and services are designed to improve a person’s economic and social well-being, regardless of income level, age, race, ethnic origin or gender.

Think about it

To belong to a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s, you must pay an annual membership fee to enjoy lower-priced goods, often packaged in bulk quantities. To join a fitness club, you must pay annual and/or monthly fees to use its equipment. To do business with Arsenal Credit Union; however, there is no membership fee – a real deal, considering all the money-saving benefits that come with free membership!

All it takes to become a member of Arsenal is depositing at least $5 into a new savings account and not letting the balance fall below that amount to remain a member. This is considered your “ownership share” in the credit union. Of course, a savings account is designed for you to save money on a regular basis and earn interest; at Arsenal, this occurs when your balance reaches $100.

*A total of $500 in rewards can be earned per year for successful referrals. The current member and the referred member must each be at least 18 years old to participate. Program subject to official rules and terms and conditions. Incentive rewards will be reported as a dividend.