Save trees and save your information with email transaction receipts

When you make a transaction at an Arsenal branch, have your receipts emailed directly to your inbox.

After you make a transaction inside of the branch, choose to receive an email receipt, print receipt or no receipt on the digital signature pad. Your teller will ask which option you would like if you don’t see the prompt on the signature pad.

Some benefits of receiving your transaction receipts by email:

    • Less clutter in your car, home, purse and pockets: No more shuffling through paper receipts in your purse to find your keys or cleaning out dozens of paper receipts in your car’s glove box.
    • Friendlier to the environment: When it comes to conservation, every little bit helps. Instead of ending up in landfills or on the side of the street, the only place your receipts end up is your email account’s trash folder when you no longer need them.
    • Easier to file and find online for your personal records: Once you receive your email transaction receipt, save it to the folder on your computer with your other financial documents for easy record keeping.
    • Safer than paper receipts: Have you ever accidentally left your paper receipt on the counter? Have you ever thrown a paper receipt away without shredding it? If so, someone could have picked up your receipt and seen or fraudulently used your account information. With email receipts, you don’t have to worry about leaving a physical paper trail.

If you have a new email address not currently on file with us, make sure to inform Arsenal staff so your receipt gets sent to the correct email inbox.