Top 10 reasons to give Visa® holiday gift cards this year

Don’t let a wrapping job like this affect your Christmas gifts

It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping list again. If this kind of task that seems daunting, then you’ll be glad to hear that Arsenal offers Visa holiday gift cards. We’ve even compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should give Visa gift cards this year.

  1. No need to wrap your gifts, which is especially useful if your wrapping skills aren’t up to standards.
  2. No struggling to find a parking spot at the store. The parking lots at Arsenal branches are exceptionally spacious.
  3. Avoiding Black Friday chaos at the store. At Arsenal, you’ll get in and out without waiting in a long line.
  4. Getting your gifts on time. Don’t roll the dice with online deliveries arriving after the holidays. Get your gift cards next time you visit a branch.
  5. More convenient than cash. Friends and family can use Visa gift cards to shop online.
  6. Perfect for picky people. Have someone on your list you’re just stumped on? A gift card is the best way to check that person off your list.
  7. No re-gifting. Whoever receives this gift card will find just what they want to spend it on.
  8. One size fits all. Don’t worry about finding the right size or color for a specific person. Just load the gift card with however much money you want.
  9. Easy to ship. If you’re sending a gift to a loved one out of town, a gift card is much easier to ship than a large parcel.
  10. Gives Santa a break. That bag he carries gets heavy, and his reindeer could use a lighter load, too.

Stop by a branch and pick up your gift cards today.

Issue fee for each gift card is $3.00. Not all designs available at all branches.

A note about gift card scams

Consumer Action, a nonprofit organization, advises consumers to stick with buying gift cards from legit sites like and other large, trustworthy operations. Never send money to sellers operating outside of what you are certain is an official website or app (beware of copycat sites). warns of common gift card scams in this video that essentially alerts you not to pay sellers, or anyone, really, with gift cards, and never give out gift card claim code numbers.