Open a Tracker Kids Savings Club account for a loved one

Helping youth understand the importance of saving while promoting good money management is very important to Arsenal Credit Union. This is evidenced with our internal programs, such as our unique and award-winning Tracker Kids Savings Club.

Through incentives, such as our good grades program, birthday card program and earning stamps to “purchase” prizes, kids learn early on that saving money can be empowering, rewarding and fun! Free events are held each year, too, such as a movie outing.

Kids club accounts can be opened with as little as a $5 deposit at Arsenal. The annual percentage rate paid on kids club accounts is two times higher than adult accounts because of generally lower balances; a higher rate of return enables them to better see how their savings can grow over time with continued deposits.

It’s never too soon to start saving. Open your child’s Tracker Kids Savings Club account today at your nearest Arsenal branch.